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    Pet Party Printz
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    Mystery Bark Bag

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    Mystery Bark Bag

    Mystery Bark Bag

    The Summer Edition

    The summer season means we say goodbye to hot, hot soup and hello to ice cold Froyo! Put away the cashmere and bring out the flip flops. Of course, we incorporate our pups in everything we do. Thus, we're welcoming summer with a special bag just for our furry friends. This goodie bag will asbolutely have your pooch wagging for more (hopefully not late night barking for more)!

    Disclaimer: This bark bag is Emma tested. Dog mama approved. :)

  • Mystery Bark Bag
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    { Adopt Me Mondays }

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    { Adopt Me Mondays }


    Brittany Spaniel & Terrior Mix

    Dallas, TX

    About Buzz
    Special needs
    Shots current

    Buzz is one of a litter of FIVE puppies from Oklahoma. They were born to a stray, medium sized (around 35 lbs.) mixed breed momma who is very sweet. Buzz is an OLD SOUL! He is calm, loving, and wants to be near you. He is quiet and not as boisterous as the other pups in his litter. He has an easy going personality and is NOT an alpha type.

    He is special needs. Evidently when he was very young he suffered trauma to his left hind leg. This caused some abnormalities as he grew and he now has what is called dystropic mineralization and disuse osteopenia. We are happy to explain what this means to anyone interested in Buzz, or you can ask your vet.

    We have x-rays which we can have our vet send to your vet if you wish, the x-rays have already been ready by a specialist. Right now Buzz has a limp but with exercise to strengthen his muscles and connective tissues he has a good chance of improving!!

    Buzz can be adopted through Riff's Friends Dog Rescue.

    All images and content via ©

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    { Meet Sabrina }

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    { Meet Sabrina }

    Sabrina, Tabby Cat, Age (approx.) 6 years

    Meet Our Friends As Told By Karen L.

    "Sabrina is a female Tabby that I adopted from Animal Haven Shelter in NYC in May 2011. I am not sure of her exact age, but she is probably around 6. I actually fell in love with her even before I met her, because her expression in her adoption profile was so sweet and curious and absolutely unforgettable. I kept logging on to the adoption site, even though I kept telling myself I wasn't ready for a new pet.

    But Sabrina is literally a magical cat. She can make anyone fall in love with her. She loves to be out in the hallway of my apartment, greeting the neighbors as they come home from work. Sabrina visits the woman down the hall, affectionately known as "Aunt Rosa", a few times a week. Sabrina meows outside her door until she is let in, and then she runs and hides under Rosa's bed. When it's time for her to come home, Rosa and I spend a few minutes trying to coax her out from under the bed. She goes right to the middle, so neither of us can actually reach her. Good times! One night I found her curled up on my neighbors lap...a grown man who is a self-proclaimed "dog person". (Update, he's now a former dog person). Sabrina even tolerates the 5 year old who lives on my floor, who is not exactly a gentle or quiet little girl.

    Sabrina can not resist trying to fit into things that are smaller than she is. If there's a box, she'll jump into it. If there's a bag, she's in, head-first. She loves curling up in a bowl that's way too small for her. I bought her a bigger one, but somehow it mysteriously wound up shattered on the floor less than a week later. I guess she didn't like it. Her other favorite past time is to swat her toys under the refrigerator. She'll just lay on the floor, staring at whatever it is she put under there, until I move her out of the way...and with flashlight and long wooden spoon in hand, I fish her toy out. Within minutes, she swats it back under again.

    The best thing about Sabrina is that she is a hugger. She will climb onto your lap and wrap her paws right around your neck and press her sweet little face right into yours. At night, she'll wake me up trying to get as close to my face as possible. It's annoying at 3 am, but... she purrs and purrs and purrs. Until she stops, and then starts snoring. It's irresistible."

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