About Us

What Is LeLePets?

LeLePets is a members-only daily deals site dedicated exclusively to our pets. Through its 72 hour sales, LeLePets offers a carefully curated selection of high quality and design inspired pet products up to 70% off! Our mission is to share our passion for the animals we love and all things design. 1% of annual net sales are donated to the ASPCA.

How Does LeLePets Work?

LeLePets launches daily sales Monday through Friday at 12PM EST, lasting for 72 hours or until inventory sells out. Membership to the site is free. Once a member of the LeLePets community, you are given full access to daily deals featuring high quality and design inspired pet goods at up to 70% off. All sales featured are a on a first come, first serve basis as supplies are usually limited due to the steep discounts we offer… so shop early, stay late.

New and exciting products every day

We set out to discover and then offer premium pet brands that are of the highest quality while always staying faithful to our design standards. Our partners are equally as passionate about these concepts and values as we are.

Shop early

All sales start at 12PM EST, lasting 72 hours. At such steeply discounted prices there is bound to be limited quantities, items sell out quickly, so shop early! Be sure to preview upcoming sales to get a head start as items featured are on a first come, first serve basis.

Email Newsletters

Each day, LeLePets' members will receive an email about the featured sales, along with a preview of upcoming sales for the next 3 days. If a daily email is too frequent, we offer a weekly newsletter featuring a preview of the upcoming week's sales. As new sales are added frequently, daily newsletters are your best bet to keep you up to date on the exciting products we are featuring. But just as we like choices in life, we think all our members should have a choice as well. You may edit your email preferences under the { Account } section.

LeLePets and the community

LeLePets donates 1% of its annual net sales to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). We are strongly against animal cruelty and are committed to being part of the solutions. 


Membership to LeLePets is free. You can gain exclusive access by accepting an invitation from a friend or by requesting membership with a valid email address.


Why not get some extra LeLeBugs (our version of credits that can be applied to upcoming purchases) added to your account by asking your friends to join? It's simple. Send your friends a membership invitation to LeLePets and earn a LeLeBug for each friend that joins (up to 10).  1 LeLeBug = $1 credit. That’s not all…when your friend makes their first purchase at LeLePets, you will automatically receive 15 LeLeBugs! For more ways to earn LeLeBugs, check out our  { Referrals } page.

How we came up with the name LeLe

Pronounced ( LeeLee )

Founded by two pet lovers, owners and best friends, Tiffany Leung and Joyce Lerman came up with the concept of LeLePets when they realized there was a missing piece in the flash sale world exclusively for pets. Our dogs, cats, birds, horses and other animal family members were not being offered the type of discounts on design inspired pet products that we were seeing for ourselves. The duo, with backgrounds in design and e-commerce, launched LeLePets in response. What's their secret to success? Tiffany's determination to search for design orientated pet products while Joyce seeks the most affordable prices.


Tiffany Leung & Joyce Lerman

The mission was simple, seek design orientated pet products and offer it to our members at steeply discounted prices. Based on these fundamentals, LeLePets was born. LeLePets was pioneered by two pet lovers with an entrepreneurial vision, Tiffany Leung and Joyce Lerman.

Tiffany scours the shopping world for design inspired, functional pet items while Joyce seeks to find the most affordable pet deals. Long time friends, the dynamic duo quickly discovered their passion for their four-legged children. Avid online shoppers, Tiffany and Joyce saw a void in the market for unique pet products at affordable prices. Together, with their design and e-commerce backgrounds, Tiffany and Joyce launched LeLePets.


The Cliff Notes versions of our lives:

Tiffany, the Design Junkie

Proud Mama: to a grandpa status ShitZu named Remy, a one-eye war wounded Shitzu named Ryo, a Pug nicknamed Auggie the Doggie, a whimsical Weimaraner named Monte and a sweet as sugar Bulldog named Emma.

Education: BFA from Parsons School of Design

Likes: Wet kisses from her pups before bed, Skittles (like it's a food group), design blogs, command Z, free nights at museums

Dislikes: Comic Sans, when your hot coffee gets cold and comic sans

Motto in life: Sleep? Nah, plenty of time for that when I am 6 feet under!

Joyce, the Social Butterfly

Proud Mama: to a Beagle named Bailey and three rescue cats named Milo, Keanu and Evangeline

Education: BA from Montclair State University

Likes: Tweeting while at the dog park, online shopping (like it's a second job), Halloween costumes

Dislikes: when your umbrella turns inside out because of the wind, coconut and pruney fingers

Motto in life: If someone is tweeting alone in the forest, and nobody else is there to receive the tweet, is it just a 140 character blog?